Do you want your silicone wristband can change color in the sun

Since the first silicone wristband was born ,it has gradually become the most popular ornament ,so many people like to order them to wear .Walking on the streets and lanes we can see people wearing silicone bracelet at any time.People of all ages prefer to wear silicone bracelets,teenagers like to wear the silicone wristband ,adult also like to wear the silicone wristband .It is precisely because silicone bracelet is becoming more and more popular.There are more and more types of silica gel bracelets .When the customer customize the silicone hand ring ,they can put the message and logo they like on the band .They can choose the debossed colorfilled style for their own silicone hand ring to make the logo and message sunken on the silicone hand band and make the message and logo have the color different from the band color .If the customer want to make the logo and message have their own original color ,we suggest them to choose the printed style for their own silicone hand ring .Different style of the silicone wrist band will show different visual effects to us .Making the printed silicone hand ring ,the thickness of the line of the logo only need to be reach 0.1 mm,otherwise the screen printing plate can not be produced out .In order to make the silicone band suitable for more people ,in addition to the style of the silicone hand ring is become more and more ,the size of the silicone hand ring also become more and more .Such as the size 202*12*2 mm,it is suitable for adult to wear;The size 180*12*2 mm ,it is suitable for young people to wear;The size 150*12*2 mm ,it is suitable for toddler to wear.About the silicone wrist band width ,we can provide 1/4 inch,1/2 inch,3/5 inch,3/4 inch,1 inch for the customer to choose,the customer can choose the width of the silicone hand ring according to the requirements .About the band color ,the common style is solid color wristband ,swirled wristband and segmented wristband .In addition to these color style ,we can also produce the transparent silicone wrist band for the customer . Maybe some people will ask transparent silicone bracelet looks good ?The answer is yes .Because the transparent wrist band is not only the transparent wrist band ,it is also the UV silicone arm bands .What is the UV silicone bracelet ?UV silicone bracelet means it can change the color from transparent to purple or blue when it absorb enough ultraviolet rays .We all know that ultraviolet radiation is harmful to the human body ,but when the UV wristband absorb it ,the UV band can change their own original color .Why the UV wristband can change color when it in the sun ? It because when we produce the wristband we add the uv powder to the silica gel .In fact ,is the uv powder changer their color .

Knowing so much information about the silicone wristband ,do you want to have a UV silicone hand ring that belongs to you .